Thursday, July 23, 2015

You are not the target

Unfortunately, most brand marketers do not have nearly enough information about our target consumers. We can pull Spectra data all day, but it won't give us true insight. How do we truly get to know our consumer when all of the information we have about her is that she's 45-55, lives in the suburbs, is married and makes $100k per year? It's impossible to know her dreams, her true interests, her motivations based off of simple demographics.

Without a true insight, it's easy to substitute ourselves in as the target. I see it happen all of the time. We think 'well, I know how I like to hang out with my friends on the weekend', so we assign that attitude to our target consumers. We say 'everyone's drinking dry rose' when actually just your peer group in Manhattan is into rose.

The list goes on.

Sometimes I'm tempted to carry a big sign around with me that says 'YOU ARE NOT THE TARGET' to remind myself and my colleagues that we're so deeply mired in our own category and world that our own beliefs can never be substituted for our consumers' beliefs.

It's better to insist on doing the work to collect insightful research on our target consumer, even if our budget is small. It's hard to put a true price on knowing the details of your consumer intimately. It will be your road map, grounding your decisions in a reality not colored by your own world view.

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