Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Campaign Execution

In the fall 2011, I worked on the development and execution of Aspiranet's recruitment campaign for foster parents in California.

Below are the highlights of my responsibilities for the campaign.

I served as the runner for the production of the above commercial. The two-day shoot occurred in Santa Barbara and I was point-of-contact for the talent. It was such an honor to work with these amazing foster youth and parents, helping them feel comfortable sharing their experiences in foster care and making sure they were in the right spot at the right time for the shooting.

This commercial airs December and January 2011 in select California markets.

Online Marketing
I created six geographically targeted landing pages for use in a PPC campaign throughout California. The form on this page feeds directly into Salesforce and autoforwards to Aspiranet's central recruitment team. 

I also created five landing pages used in Aspiranet's banner advertisement component of the campaign. I wrote each of these stories to convey the experiences each of these youth had in foster care. These pages were designed with a stronger emotional appeal to encourage visitors to learn more about foster parenting. 

Click below to read each of the Hear My Story pages I created:

Email Marketing

The email above was distributed to more than 6,000 Aspiranet supporters. The ask was simple: watch and share our PSA on facebook and twitter. The response to the email was phenomenal. 

Click here to view the web version of the email. 

Social Media

I launched a major outreach effort for the campaign on our social media channels. Building upon relationships I've fostered for several months in the foster care/nonprofit industry, I reached out to our major supporters to spread the campaign message. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and country music artist Jimmy Wayne were among the notable supporters that helped increase the virality of our campaign. Please see Aspiranet's facebook or twitter accounts for additional information. 

I manage all postings on Aspiranet social media. 

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